Let’s set the scene — you’re gearing up to host your retreat and the excitement is building around the arrival date for your guests.

You’re ecstatic to be providing a transformative experience your attendees will love and you know you want them to carry a piece of it home with them.

You also know something else the guests are looking forward to is being spoiled with goodies during the time you spend with them.

(I mean who doesn’t love gifts!?)

But then you start looking around for gifts that are valuable enough to hand out and fill a gift bag with, and the price adds up when you have 10+ people to buy for...

You know you’ve heard of other people getting free sponsored items for their retreats, but you don’t know HOW.

You don’t know where to start looking, what company to pitch, let alone what to actually say to them — it feels all kinds of intimidating. 

Pitch, Product, Profit is your answer to pitching brands and loading up on free sponsored products (AKA no more stressing about spending on gifts)

This mini-course will teach you exactly how to pitch brands for your retreat to lock in free sponsored products that will in turn save you money so you aren’t personally investing in welcome gifts and goodies for your guests.

I already have 4 sponsors and I JUST started!”

“I have been following Brooke for a while now and her sound advice has really helped me shift my mindset and take the leap to make this retreat a reality. I struggled with pricing and with getting sponsors and swag and her outline made it so simple to follow. I already have 4 sponsors and I JUST started!” — Brenda Ferland

Pitch, Product, Profit is the mini-course that will teach you how to save money AND upscale your retreat by spoiling your attendees with sponsored gifts. 

This mini-course contains one impactful video that will walk you through the methods for finding, pitching, and securing brands along with my exact email pitch template, follow-up template, and spreadsheet to track it all.

This exact method has allowed me to lock in over $2,500 in FREE products for one retreat. 

This mini-course gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

The best part?

You don’t need a lot of followers to pitch brands and lock in these sponsorships (and you shouldn’t wait to reach out until you do).

This method works if you have 200 followers or 20,000 followers.

There are many amazing brands out there that want to collaborate with retreat hosts to help you spoil your attendees while getting their products in the hands of deserving individuals — all you need to do is ASK.

If you’re ready for the insider steps of finding, pitching, and securing sponsorships for your next retreat so you can bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of free products to spoil your attendees with, join now!